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Yandex.Checkout to enable companies to pay via newsletters


Yandex.Checkout has enabled companies to accept payments via marketing newsletters.

Users no longer need to visit the company’s website to pay for their purchase—the payment button is now accessible directly in the email — for example, on upcoming events, new product arrivals or discounts announcements. This new service is suitable for any business, including those companies that do not have a website at all, claims the company.

To create email newsletters with the payment-acceptance option, Yandex.Checkout partners can use SendPulse, which is an international online platform specializing in mass email, text message and push newsletters. The service helps companies around the world to send about 300 million newsletters in a month. There are more than 515,000 registered SendPulse accounts worldwide, 182,000 of which are from Russia.

Starting to accept payments from newsletters is easy – all one has to do is to conclude an agreement with Yandex.Checkout, the technical integration is not required. The service is available in both paid and free versions of SendPulse. Newsletters with a payment button can be sent to customers at any time from a computer or smartphone. The payment history can be found in company’s personal dashboard at Yandex.Checkout.

Email newsletters use Yandex Smart Checkout technology. It allows merchant sites to determine the preferred payment methods of a customer and present them with a faster, smarter payment process, according to the company.

Yandex.Checkout offers users a set of three payment methods, which are determined to be the most convenient for that user. To determine the most convenient payment methods for a person, the service analyzes various parameters, such as how the person had paid earlier, whether the order amount exceeds the one-time limit of the available payment methods, and the way customers usually pay in a particular store.