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Experian, Daon to integrate their platforms for fraud protection


Daon has announced it is collaborating with Experian to offer its IdentityX authentication platform with CrossCore, the company’s fraud and identity platform.

CrossCore supports a layered approach to managing risk, allowing partners to integrate with the platform to offer services alongside existing Experian fraud and identity solutions. IdentityX will provide CrossCore users with access to multi-factor authentication using biometrics, the analysis of human characteristics, such as fingerprint, voice, or face, among others.

With Daon’s IdentityX authentication platform, companies can add biometrics for application access and transaction scenarios where step-up authentication is required to prevent fraud.

Daon is a biometrics and identity assurance software company creating and integrating biometric identity assurance systems such as facial recognition, voice recognition, fingerprints, retina scans, and vein patterns to verify a person’s identity.

Experian is an information services company that provides information, analytical tools, and marketing services to help clients manage their commercial and financial decisions.