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IdentityForce enables members to detect fraud with new solution


IdentityForce has announced the availability of IdentityForce Mobile solution, to help its active members to detect fraud from anywhere, as well as view alerts and notifications immediately.

IdentityForce Mobile’s navigation and features were designed and influenced by IdentityForce members through surveys and a preview community. The app includes access to key capabilities to ensure that members can instantly access all their personal identity protection information. Members with accounts that have credit monitoring get immediate access to their credit scores and alerts with tips to help understand ratings and when to take action regarding potential fraud.

The app Includes two-factor authentication requiring a second form of authentication, a verification code delivered by email, text, or phone, going beyond only User ID and Password credentials, and Touch ID fingerprint access, the actual standard for proof of identity.

IdentityForce provides identity theft protection services for individuals, businesses, and government agencies in the United States.